Also used in the Euro 2pc, our 6x9 patio paver displays an inviting look as it combines a yesteryear appearance with a new age emergence. As with the 4x8, the 6x9 provides for endless pattern ability.

This paver shape can be tumbled to offer a softened, time worn appearance.

Available in Pillow, Smooth and Slate Tops to border any of our Mega Stone series.

6X9 Pavers

Product Specifications

Product Name:

6 1/4" X 9 3/8"

1 1/4" - 30MM
2 3/8" - 60MM




Colors shown should be used as a guide only. Actual samples should always be used when choosing your color selection. Select custom colors available.

Packing Specifications

Ft Myers & Bartow
30mm Packaging Specifications:
  • 144 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 360 pcs per pallet
  • 15 layers per pallet
  • 9.61 sq.ft. or 24 pcs per pallet

Ft Myers
60mm Packaging Specifications:
  • 105 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 256 pcs per pallet
  • 8 layers per pallet
  • 13.2 sq.ft. or 32 pcs per layer

60mm Packaging Specifications:
  • 99 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 240 pcs per pallet
  • 12 layers per pallet
  • 8.16 sq.ft. or 20 pcs per layer

TriCircle Pavers does not guarantee color match between 30mm and 60mm pavers.