The use of permeable pavers has proven effective in reducing storm water run off, while increasing infiltration rates as it returns the water to nature. Permeable brick pavers also provide other economic, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. Uses include pedestrian, light vehicle traffic, patio and swimming pool decks.

Since permeable paver systems are engineered, TriCircle Pavers recommends that a civil engineer or landscape architect who understands the system be consulted to ensure that all the benefits inherent with permeable pavers are obtained. Special attention should be given to permeable paver systems located adjacent to foundations and other subterranean structures such as wells and septic tanks, land topography ought to be considered as well.

Edison Paver

Product Specifications

Product Name:

5" X 10"

2 3/8" - 60MM
3 1/8" - 80MM (Ft. Myers Only)




Colors shown should be used as a guide only. Actual samples should always be used when choosing your color selection. Select custom colors available.

Packing Specifications

Ft Myers
60mm Packaging Specifications:
  • 108 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 320 pcs per pallet
  • 8 layers per pallet
  • 13.5 sq.ft. or 40 pcs per pallet

Ft Myers
80mm Packaging Specifications:
  • 81 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 240 pcs per pallet
  • 6 layers per pallet
  • 13.5 sq.ft. or 40 pcs per pallet

TriCircle Pavers does not guarantee color match between 30mm and 60mm pavers.