Pervious interlocking concrete pavement has the ability to store and infiltrate rain water runoff, benefiting the environment, as well as, supporting vehicular traffic with little or no rutting.

Colors may vary. Available in various shapes. Contact your Sales Representative for information.


60mm Packaging Specifications (Euro 2pc)

  • 115 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 192 6x9's per pallet
  • 128 6x6's per pallet
  • 8 layers per pallet
  • 14.38 sq.ft. or 24 6x9 & 16 6x6 per layer

60mm Packaging Specifications (6x9)

  • 99 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 240 6x9's per pallet
  • 10 layers per pallet
  • 9.9 sq.ft. or 24 pcs per layer

60mm Packaging Specifications (4x8)

  • 106 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 480 pcs per pallet
  • 8 layers per pallet
  • 13.25 sq.ft. or 60 pcs per layer

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