Avila is our largest paving stone collection.

The larger than normal sizes are bold yet still elegant in their look and feel.

With an available 3pc or 5pc configuration, it allows you to have a distinctive look for your driveway, pool deck or patio.

Tricircle pavers recommends the use of a neoprene pad when installing pavers with textured surfaces.


Avila 2

70mm Packaging Specifications:

  • 95 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 36 pcs 18x18 per pallet
  • 18 pcs 6x18 per pallet
  • 9 layers per pallet
  • 10.5 sq.ft. per layer
  • 4 pcs 18x18 & 2 pcs 6x18 per layer

Avila 3

70mm Packaging Specifications:

  • 96 sq.ft. per pallet
  • 32 pcs 12x18 per pallet
  • 32 pcs 12x12 per pallet
  • 32 pcs 6x12 per pallet
  • 8 layers per pallet
  • 12 sq.ft. per layer
  • 4 pcs of each per layer

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